Did you know? We love making! Anything! While our expertise is in architectural model making, our talented model makers are also skillful in other areas of the Industry. Below is a list of the type of models and sectors we work with. Please get in touch to start a project with us.


From concept to production, we are able to realize a product to suit a wide range of uses: Replica or bespoke, conceptual design, prototype mock-ups, one-offs and small batch production run.

Our workshop is equipped with industry standard machinery, hand tools, power tools & specialised equipment. We can combine traditional techniques & processes along with computer aided design and technology to produce your idea in 3d form.

Find out more about some of the techniques & processes we offer in Our approach.

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Exhibition & Display

Product, heritage and replica models for various exhibits/ displays & limited edition collections for collectors and private shows.

We use a range of techniques and processes to produce models & props at various scales such as this 1939 table-top Zenith radio prop which was produced for a private display.

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Miniature sets and objects at a variety of different scales which can be adapted for use in film & television.

Realism can be achieved with textures, colour and bespoke finishes. Simpler sets can also be constructed for theatre design. Images of our recent project for Deliveroo & MandyMaker can be found here.

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Gift & Presentation boxes

Bespoke and luxury presentation gift boxes made from a range of veneer options such as maple, cherry, walnut, & oak.

We can laser engrave detail onto the surface or combine metal etched plaques for a unique look.

Perfect for a one off personal gift, or batch production for businesses wishing to present their clients with something special.

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Branding & Signage

Laser cut signage for your business & branding needs.

Our bespoke custom signs for both internal and external use can be made from acrylic, plastic or wood.

Your signs can be made from individual lettering or can be mounted onto a backplate.

More information about our laser cutting & engraving services can be found here.

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CAD Drawing

With our CAD drawing service, we can convert existing logos, drawings, images and fonts into a vector drawing. We can also create a vector drawing from a sketch or idea.

A CAD drawing will allow us to combine various techniques such as laser cutting, laser engraving & metal etching to produce models, templates, products and artwork.

We predominantly use AutoCad & Illustrator for this service.

Please get in touch to see how we can help.

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